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Fertility Planit offers winning digital strategies for major fertility, health and wellness brands, working side-by-side with our clients to help you attract more potential consumers to expand your reach.

The experts of the Fertility Planit Digital Marketing team will fully support you as we work together to design a digital strategy that is unique to your brand. Our goal is to help you grow your audience and increase your success.

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Engage your customers

Our digital media team will work closely with you and guide you in optimizing all of your existing marketing channels. We will design a unique, customized digital marketing package to help you engage your core audience and attract new customers.

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Our team is excited to work with some of the top brands in the fertility, family building, health and wellness markets, including Brenda StrongHouston’s Aspire Fertility, Clearblue and others.

Get a free customized analysis

We invite you to contact Fertility Planit today to get started with a free 15-minute marketing consultation.

In our first meeting, we will ask you questions about your brand and your goals. We will review your current products and services, along with your current digital marketing channels to help you capitalize on every opportunity available.

Explore our offerings in digital marketing services:

We work with major brands, celebrities and health and fertility experts to reach key audiences online through any combination of these services:

  • Live Online Video

Video sessions are recorded on our website, featuring expert information and speakers of your choice; online sessions are recorded and published on YouTube and are available for sharing after your event.

  • Social Media Marketing Services

We can manage and optimize your social media accounts for maximum engagement, post about you on Fertility Planit, identify new platforms for reaching your audiences and produce interactive events such as Twitter Chats, Facebook Q&As and online video sessions.

  • Brand Development

We will analyze your current digital footprint, set a strategy for your online presence and create your social media accounts — or help you manage and increase engagement on your existing social media accounts.

  • Blogger & Influencer Campaigns

We work closely with influencers in the health, fertility and wellness fields to help you find leading voices with large audiences that can help you expand your reach. Contact us if you are looking for influencers to help you sample your products, try your services and post about your value.

  • In-person Events

Let us help you set up in-person events in your region. We can help you gather influential experts, media outlets and consumers together around topics of your choice.

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  • And more

We offer brands a number of other interactive media services and invite you to contact us to explore the marketing solutions that work best for you. Our overall reach on the social web is over 4 million and we reach over 20,000 recipients with our newsletters.

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Fertility Planit Founder/CEO Karin Thayer has over 20+ years of experience as a TV and Digital Media Producer and Strategy Consultant, working with clients such as Clearblue, MSL Agency and Proctor & Gamble, the BBC, Oxygen Media, Discovery Channel and MTV/VH1.

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