Fertility Planit aspires to be an environment where people can interact safely with their friends and the people around them. We have implemented many safety and privacy controls on Fertility Planit as part of our goal to enable people to share their information with only the people they want to see it. And we are constantly improving our systems for identifying and removing inappropriate content and people from the site.

Children under 13 years of age are not permitted access to Fertility Planit. In addition, parents of children 13 years and older should consider whether their child should be supervised during the child’s use of the Fertility Planit site.

Despite Fertility Planit’s safety and privacy controls, Fertility Planit cannot guarantee that its site is entirely free of illegal, offensive, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material, or that its members will not encounter inappropriate or illegal conduct from other members. Consequently, you may encounter such content and conduct. You can help Fertility Planit by notifying us of any nudity, pornography, harassment or unwelcome contact by clicking on the “Contact” link located on pages throughout the site. Where confidential complaints are made through this site’s reporting tool, Fertility Planit will do its best to remove the offending content or conduct and to warn or, as appropriate, to bar from the site those transmitting such content or engaging in such conduct within 48 hours of receiving your complaint. Where complaints about nudity, pornography, harassment or unwelcome contact are made by independent email to:

Fertility Planit will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and begin addressing your complaint within 48 hours of receipt. Fertility Planit will report back to you within one week of receiving your email complaint to inform you of the steps Fertility Planit has taken to address the complaint.

Fertility Planit is solely responsible for complaint handling, and you should address all complaints or reports of abuse directly to Fertility Planit using the procedures described on this page.
We need all users to report suspicious people and inappropriate content they encounter on Fertility Planit. We strongly encourage users under the age of 18 to talk to their parents or a responsible adult immediately if someone online says or does something to make them feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.

You should always be careful when sending friend requests to, or accepting friend requests from, people you do not know in the real world. It is also always risky to meet anyone in person whom you don’t know through real world friends.

Always follow these important safety tips when using Fertility Planit:

1. Never share your password with anyone

2. Adjust your privacy settings to match your level of comfort, and review them often

3. Be cautious about posting and sharing personal information, especially information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline, such as your address or telephone number

4. Report users and content that violate our Terms of Use by sending an email to us at:

5. Block and report anyone who sends you unwanted or inappropriate communications

For Parents:

Fertility Planit strongly urges parents to talk to their children about the dangers they may encounter online, and to make sure their children are using Fertility Planit in a safe manner. Parents may want to install monitoring software on home computers if they are concerned about what their children are doing online. Children must know that they should report any inappropriate or offensive Fertility Planit content to their parents and to Fertility Planit using the tools made available through the site. Parents should always remind their children to follow the important safety tips listed on this page when using Fertility Planit.

More information regarding Internet safety can be found on the following sites:

1. OnguardOnline.gov

2. WiredSafety.org

3. Commonsense.com

4. Ncmec.org

5. TRUSTe.org

6. ConnectSafely.org

7. NetSmartz.org

8. WebWiseKids.org

General questions about Fertility Planit?

Email: info@fertilityplanit.com