I teach women how to give themselves acupressure and utilize the magic of Chinese medicine in their own homes. The beautiful thing about Chinese medicine and acupressure is that it balances your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health all at the same time. Each point has both a physical and mental health benefit to it and they all work together for a more powerful synergistic effect.

Sometimes your health is disturbed mostly by physical imbalance and other times an emotional event or ongoing emotional strain takes a significant toll. That’s why it’s so important to have coping mechanisms available to subdue emotional stress before it gets out of hand.

One of my favorite tools is the practice of gratitude. It’s so simple and easy. You don’t need anything special or much time to do it. But it can immediately change your brain chemistry, thereby preventing the release of more stress chemicals from flooding your system and disrupting your reproductive hormones.

Longing for a child and struggling to conceive can be a very difficult, lonely and painful journey. It takes a lot of courage, resilience and strength to maintain equilibrium. Practicing gratitude can lighten the load and fortify your strength along the way.

What’s good for emotional health is good for your physical health and your fertility.

In Chinese medicine, we have a saying, “Qi follows thought.” Qi is your life force energy. All of your physiological processed depend on qi to get the job done, including reproduction. When you practice gratitude, your thoughts instantly change from a state of not having enough to having more than enough. Having enough or more than enough sure sounds a lot more fertile to me!

Imagine how differently you qi responds to a state of having enough? Now your qi can get moving and make you more fertile.

The little things all add up.

When you’re feeling blue, stressed or like you don’t have enough, you can simply jot down 3-5 things your grateful for on a piece of paper or in a gratitude journal. If you’d like to sink a little more deeply into the feeling of gratitude while you also relax, I created this guided meditation to practice gratitude.”

by Heidi Brockmyre

Heidi Brockmyre is a fertility expert and acupuncturist with 10+ years of experience teaching women around the world how to create total fertility wellness by preparing the mind, body, and spirit for fertility and pregnancy. Find her at http://heidibrockmyre.com/.