Recent fertility studies uncovered mounting evidence that high-protein / low-carb diets significantly improve IVF success rates. In fact, diets with at least 25% protein (and less than 40% carbs) resulted in 4x higher IVF pregnancy success rates.

The nutritional supplements market has a long and checkered history of contaminated protein supplements*, and a wide gap exists for couples looking for high-quality protein supplements. NHGI aims to fill this gap with HEALTHPACK+ Protein Drink.

The HEALTHPack Protein Powder Promise: NO GMO, NO heavy metals, NO steroids, NO gluten, NO lactose, NO sugar. Only 4 ingredients and you can pronounce them all.

This revolutionary product is ready for production and backed by a powerful team of medical and health professionals. NHGI is known for developing premium products that are tested well above and beyond industry standards. Created by a nurse with zero tolerance for undeclared ingredients, HEALTHPACK IS the best protein beverage on the market.

NHGI is looking for accredited angel investors to help finance production and market HEALTHPACK to couples trying to conceive. If you are interested and want to know more, contact CEO & President Alison Prentice at or 604-290-6869. Accredited angel investors only please.

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