I live in Shenzhen, a big city nearby Hongkong, I am 41 and diagnosed as adenomyosis. My doctor said the chances of having a baby in natural way are very low, but I don’t want to give up of having my own baby. Unfortunately, I don’t have partner now, so I told my family that I will try to search for a donor from the US and be fertilized by using technology, like IUI, IVF whatever, I would be willing to utilize any methods to get pregnant. My mother is very worried about me, yes even though I will be pregnant successfully in scientific way, it will be hard to have my local community accept that. I will be the target of discussion and gossip. I never heard of any women becoming a mother with an unknown donor.

No matter what, I’ve decided to start my journey to parenthood, even though I could hardly get any support from my family, local communities and hospital system where they support married couples who could not conceive naturally . I will be very appreciative if you could answer the following questions.

1. What kind of artificial insemination methods is best for me since I have adenomyosis.

2. If I try IUI first, what does that cost?

3. How much is the donated sperm?

4. How long will the process be if I choose IUI, how long for IVF.

5. Is that any possibility of delivering the sperm I choose to China so that I can have IUI in the local hospital.

Please answer in the comments section below.

Thank you very much!