Cancer and Infertility: What are My Options? – Are you facing cancer and the options around egg freezing and embryo freezing? Or maybe you are looking into how to create a family post-Cancer, this is the session for you. Neither cancer nor infertility is in the plans, so what do you do? This panel can help and give you a guiding light and hope along this journey. Listen in as moderator Alice Crisci, Founder of Fertile Action leads us through the panel with Dr. Jacqueline Casillas, UCLA Health System, Dr. Kelly Baek, California Fertility Partners, and Dr. Paul Turek, The Turek Clinic

Captured Live on Ustream at the Fertility Planit Show in Los Angeles, at the Hyatt Century Plaza – January 13th 2013 – Sponsored by the Turek Clinic and Fertile Future.